Why should I trust the My Data Removal team?

We take cybersecurity seriously. Our business and number one concern is your privacy and security. Our systems and processes were designed and built with a security-first and privacy-friendly mindset.

We not only talk the talk, but we walk the walk. We understand that you are exposing yourself by sharing your data with us. Let us explain why you can trust us.


As our privacy policy states, we do not share your information with anyone except to opt you out of websites. Otherwise we do not and will not ever share your data without your explicit permission.

We do not have third-party advertisements or tracking scripts on our website. While we could make money by doing this, we choose not to. This is to protect your privacy, which is our highest priority.


The data you give us is doubly protected. It is stored in a database that is behind a firewall that requires specific credentials which we do not share with anyone. Your sensitive data in the database is protected with industry standard encryption at rest and in transit. Even if someone were to somehow get access to the database credentials (a highly unlikely scenario) you data would still be unreadable without the encryption key. The only time your data is unencrypted is when you enter it into our website, when we use it to remove you from websites or provide you services, and when you view it in your account.

We stay on top of keeping our platforms and systems current. Our systems are patched and up-to-date at all times. We implement strict security protocols to ensure there are no vulnerabilities. You can run our website through a number of vulnerability checking services such as UpGuard or Observatory to see how others rate our security.

Payment Information

We do not want to handle your payment information so Helcim or PayPal (whoever you choose) do it for us. We do not know or see your credit card numbers or information at any part of the payment process and we like it that way.

Your Account

We offer two-factor authentication for all accounts at My Data Removal. We also lock your account after multiple failed login attempts to prevent others from accessing your account.


We do everything we can, no matter the work required, to create a company where you can trust us and trust what we do. We take that responsibility seriously. Your privacy and security are our passion and livelihood.

Take a look at our most recent transparency report to learn more about our company, our sources of revenue, and our sources of funding.

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Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.