About Us

In the beginning: the internet is not just fun and games

Our founders created MyDataRemoval in 2021 in response to the increased intrusion of the internet in our daily lives. The amount of information we were able to find about ourselves online was both impressive and terrifying. We realized that too many companies profit from and share our personal information. We have seen scammers profit at our friends’ and family’s expense. Our roots go back a few years in cleaning up online data for friends and family.

What we discovered: we can help

We saw a need and realized that we could help. We are real people who want to take back the internet and take control of our own data and security. We value privacy and don't want anyone and everyone to be able to find out our whole life story with a quick google search. We want you to be able to sleep well, knowing that your digital affairs are in order and that you aren't exposed online.

The internet is getting bigger: be careful

Almost all companies are becoming tech companies, capturing increasingly more data about us. The big internet companies are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. Many of them and their algorithms know us better than we know ourselves. Our default security practices worked great back when the internet was younger and we didn't have much to lose. But to sit back, accept the status quo, and continue with our lax security and privacy practices means we are leaving ourselves exposed.

Our mission: protect your privacy

Our mission is simple: To protect your privacy by removing your personal information from the internet

We have your back: privacy is what we do

Staying on top of privacy and security issues is more than a full-time job. We trust our doctors, lawyers, and others to keep us up to date on the latest developments that can affect us. With privacy, it is the same. We are the privacy experts, and we will do our best to take care of your information.

Our founders: privacy enthusiasts

Forgive us for not posting pictures and bios of our founders and employees as this would pose a threat to our privacy and be in conflict with our company values. Please take it as a signal of our competency and dedication to online privacy and security. We are all US citizens and have degrees from reputable American universities, including multiple graduate degrees. Our founders bring experience from big tech, insurance, healthcare, government, and financial services. You are always welcome to call us and speak to us in person.

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