How Our Service Works

1. You create an account at MyDataRemoval

Sign up with an email address. We will verify your email.

2. You select a plan: just you or multiple family members, monthly or annual billing, standard or premium, etc.

Sign up for a plan that meets your needs. You will receive a discount for adding multiple people to the same account. This is ideal for including spouses, children, etc. We’d love to help you be more private by removing the data of your family members as well.

3. You give us your information - if we don't know it, we can't remove it

Share with us the data you would like us to look for and remove. At a minimum, we suggest including all of your physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses you have had for the last five years. However, you are free to share however much or little of your information you would like us to look for.

4. We scan data broker and people search sites for your data

Using the information you give us, we use a combination of humans and algorithms together to check these sites for your data.

5. When we find your data

We submit a request on your behalf for your data to be removed from the site.

6. Notify you

We will keep you updated on the sites we have searched, which ones have your information, and let you know when your data has been removed. We will show you the exact data each website has about you. In addition, you can select the frequency and way you receive these notifications (for example, monthly or quarterly, via email or via your account, etc.)

7. Continually monitor

We scan all of our covered sites for your data each month, even if we’ve already removed you from them. It is not uncommon for your information to show up on these sites again even after you have been removed because these sites operate by continuously finding and selling your information. Keeping your information off of these sites is a challenge that will never completely go away.

8. We are always looking for new sites that have your data

If you know of a new site that is broadcasting your data, we will take a look and try to add them to our list of covered sites.

Depending on how you define data brokers and people search sites, there are approximately 300 sites out there that potentially have your data. We are continuously adding additional or less common data broker and people search sites to the list of covered sites.