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At My Data Removal,
our mission is simple:

To protect your privacy by removing your personal information from the internet

What our customers say

I was shocked - and relieved

I was shocked at how much of my personal life was publicly available on the internet! Thanks to My Data Removal I can’t even find the volumes of info that was there before. What a relief. I’m not so afraid of identity theft and unwanted solicitors.

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Great company, great product, great service

I'm paranoid about my online identity, so services like this are super valuable. It's a small price to pay for piece of mind for me and my family. I've exchanged a few emails with the owner and he's a genuinely nice and helpful guy. Clearly cares about privacy.

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This is an amazing app.

Upon receiving my first report I was astounded at how many different websites had my personal information. This new app is amazing and will give me peace of mind that my information in not hanging out on the web for everyone to see. Thanks Zach!

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This is exactly what I have been...

This is exactly what I have been needing and looking for. I have a peace of mind and feel safer knowing my personal information is not online. This company is straightforward and does what they say they will do. I like that I receive a monthly report of updates for our accounts. Would definitely recommend this.

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Thank you MyDataRemoval!

My online privacy and security is something that I didn't really worry about until a friend of mine got her moving truck stolen that had all of her important documents in it. Suddenly, I realized I could have all of my online information stolen just as easily. I am so grateful for MyDataRemoval because it gave me the peace of mind knowing that my information isn't just floating around online anymore. There is nothing like doing a google search on myself and not finding anything! MyDataRemoval has been completely trustworthy and patient with me through the process. I can vouch for them without reservation and recommend them to everyone!

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My personal data is personal once again

It always scared me that typing my name on the internet would put my addresses, phone numbers, jobs and family member names out for anyone to access. I figured the genie was out of the bottle but decided to try this and see what it could do. My Data Removal did what they said and now my personal data is personal once again. The bad guys will abuse the data that is easy to get. My Data Removal takes my data off that list! This is a small price to pay to keep my name and personal data safe.

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I was surprised how effective this was

I was surprised how effective this was. This service showed that my personal information was out there in more places than I realized. Since they cleaned it up, I’ve felt much safer and have much more peace of mind. I appreciate them taking care of me.

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I signed up for the standard service…

I signed up for the standard service and provided all of the identification documents required for the hardest removals in that category. I even found two more sites which popped up first on a search for my name and reported it via customer support and the results were dead links in less than 72 hours. I am thinking of getting the premium service because the value of privacy is high. I am confident that if I do, the results will be even more impressive!

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As I live outside of the US but I'm a...

As I live outside of the US but I'm a US citizen, I'm super concerned about my data being housed with these private storehouses, and the sold around. So when I found MyDataRemoval, I was happy but also skeptical if they can deliver. But for the low price they offered the service for, I was willing give it a try. After I signed up, I began to receive monthly emails notifying me of all the websites that my information had been removed from. Thank you for this service. For the price it's being offered, it's definitely a worthwhile investment. I've told my friends about it, and would definitely recommend it to anyone whose information is in the US or lives in the US.

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Gain control of your data online with My Data Removal

Submit your info

You submit the information you would like us to find and remove

We search 56 sites

We look for your information on sites that collect, sell, and display your data

Data removal

We send requests on your behalf to remove your data from each site that has your data

Send report

We send you a report showing you what we found and what we removed See example report

Continued monitoring

We continue to monitor these sites and any new sites in the event your information pops up again

Your personal information is exposed.

Let us help you clean up your digital footprint.

My Data Removal can't make you invincible,
but we can make it much harder to:

  •  Steal your identity
  •  Find out where you live
  •  Find out about your family
  •  Find your phone number
  •  Find your email
  •  Send you spam
  •  Stalk you

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Free Digital Privacy and Security Resources

Visit our blog to learn more about ways to protect yourself online. We share privacy and security tips to help you and your loved ones maintain their privacy and security in this increasingly connected world.

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With a free trial, we scan for your data and let you know what we find. There are no obligations and no credit card is needed to sign up.

We do a one-time scan and email you your results. After that, your trial is complete. You are free to sign up for paid plan or to take no immediate action.

Simple to Join

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and we take care of the rest

Private and Secure

We protect and safeguard the data you give us. We do not share it at all (except to opt you out)

Peace of Mind

Enjoy the peace that comes from knowing your data isn't out there waiting to be exploited

Security and Privacy First

You can trust us with your personal information. Our business is literally your privacy and security. Our website, systems, and processes were designed and built with a security-first and privacy-friendly mindset. Read more.

My Data Removal treats your data like the bank does. We have bank-grade encryption and encrypt all sensitive data.

We will neer sell your information. We only share it with websites to opt you out. Otherwise, we do not and will not share your data. Ever.

We do not have third-party advertising or tracking cookies on our website. We value your privacy. See more details in our privacy policy.

We work hard to limit the number of third-party scripts that run on our website. By limiting our attack surface we better protect your data.

We keep our systems and platforms patched and up-to-date. We don't want to leave your data vulnerable to attacks.

My Data Removal steers clear of your payment information. We work with reputable third-parties to handle your financial information.

My Data Removal offers multi-factor authentication to protect your account.

My Data Removal works hard to earn your trust. Your privacy and security are our livelihood.

My Data Removal is trusted and recommended

My Data Removal has a 4.3-star Trust Pilot rating.

"Having a fairly public profile, I am concerned about my family's privacy. I don't want anyone to be able to look me up online and find out where I live or who lives with me. My Data Removal helps me sleep better at night knowing that my family and I are better protected."


My Data Removal User

"LOVE this service! I tried doing this manually a few times and burned out. My Data Removal is more thorough and consistent than I could ever be. I love that my personal information is private!"


My Data Removal User

"My Data Removal has given me three sets of information: I know what data used to be online, I know what data was never online, and I know that currently none of my data is online."


My Data Removal User

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