How to Opt-Out of Bizapedia in 2022

bizapedia opt out guide

This guide was updated Dec. 22, 2022

This site currently is not covered by My Data Removal. We hope you find this bizapedia opt out guide helpful!

It appears this site no longer allows free searches. If you can search for your company, copy the company link, then follow the directions below
1. Go to
Step 1 bizapedia Removal Step 1 bizapedia Removal
2. Click the contact link at the bottom of the page
Step 2 bizapedia Removal Step 2 bizapedia Removal
3. Select the second option, "I would like to hide my company's private information from the general public"
Step 3 bizapedia Removal Step 3 bizapedia Removal
4. Enter the URL with your company information and click continue.
Step 4 bizapedia Removal Step 4 bizapedia Removal

If any of this information is out of date, please let us know and we will work to update it.