Why should you get your information off the internet

Why Should You Get Your Information off the Internet?

What people can do with your online information, why you should care, and what you should do about it: get your personal information off the internet.

By James Wilson

Whether you realize it or not, your personal information is all over the internet. Huge sums of money are made from this type of data. However, not everyone is convinced there is a need to remove their personal information from the internet. Here are some reasons to consider if you are skeptical.

1. Stalking

Stalking has been around for a while, but in the digital age it, has become increasingly common and increasingly invasive. Most people don’t have to deal with stalkers, but for those who do, they know how terrifying and unsettling an experience it is. There are many reasons one can be stalked, but regardless of the reason, if they can’t find where you live or other personal information, you will sleep much better at night.

2. Identity theft

Identity theft is no fun. While we most often think about the money someone can lose to an identity thief, the amount of stress and time involved in recovery often take the biggest toll. When you take your personal information off the internet, it makes you a harder person to target.

3. Scams

Falling for scams can cost time and money as well as be embarrassing. Often, looking back, it is easy to see through the scam and wonder how you could have fallen for it. Scammers wouldn’t scam if it didn’t work some of the time. Scammers usually target a large number of people and only find success with a small percentage. If you make your information harder to find, they will likely target someone who is easier to find.

4. Spam

We all get spam, whether as emails, texts, junk mail, or in other forms. Not only does spam fill up our inboxes, mailboxes, and phones, but it also fills our minds and time with unnecessary clutter. Spammers prioritize volume. If you make your information hard to find, they will target others whose information is easily accessible. For more on spam, check out our post Why spam is at an all-time high.

5. Snooping neighbors or coworkers

People are curious. If someone wanted to find out your personal information badly enough, they would find a way. Having it online makes it easy. If your data isn’t on people search and data broker websites, it will be much harder to find, and normal people will give up.

6. Anxiety about your digital exposure

It feels really good to know that your personal information is not exposed online and waiting for someone to find and take advantage of it. It is akin to knowing your door is locked and the deadbolt is secure. You sleep better knowing you are not vulnerable.

7. The Reddit/Twitter Army/Internet Trolls

It is very easy to accuse someone of something online. The cost to doing so is basically zero and you don’t have to have much legitimate evidence. To arrest someone, on the other hand, requires that a police officer has probably cause. There have been countless cases where someone has made an accusation, and angry internet users have proceeded to make life unpleasant for someone who was innocent. That can be harder to do if your personal information is not online.

8. You do or say something stupid

Not only can you be fired from your job for something stupid you do or say online, but you can have angry people come to your house, leave threatening phone calls, and more. It is easy to think people will see what you meant or that you really didn’t mean any harm, but it is too easy for people to take offense and then go on the offensive if they don’t like what you say.

9. You are connected to someone who does something stupid

You don’t even need to be the one to say or do the stupid thing. It can be a relative, or even an old roommate you haven’t had contact with in 15 years.

There are too many stories of people being mean on the internet. If your personal information is hard to find, the meanness can have a hard time moving offline.

10. Doxxing

People can be mean. If someone online is upset at you, they can expose your personal information and make your life unpleasant. If they can’t find information out about you, they will have a lot less ammunition. Fore more information, check out our What is doxxing article.


We view not having your personal information online as a form of insurance. Hopefully, you will never need fire insurance, but in case your house burns down, you sure will be glad you have it. We hope none of the above things happen to you, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Let us help get your personal information off the internet so you can rest easier knowing you’ve done what you can to protect yourself.