Service Live for Beta Users

The MyDataRemoval Service is live for beta users. Check us out and give us a try!

By James Wilson

Hello World!

We here at MyDataRemoval are excited to launch the beta version of our services and site. This is the notice that we are live and ready to go! We are official! We bring expertise, passion, and empathetic customer service to help protect your digital footprint.

We are still working through our offerings and will likely tweak things based on client feedback as our company evolves. We feel our services address needs for most everyone, but will be particularly relevant for those in public-facing roles and high income earners. If you fit that demographic, you are our target customer. We'd love to get your feedback.

As we continue to build out our services and capabilities we plan to include lots of DIY materials and guides along with general digital security information and commentary. We might look to build some digital security courses if there is interest.

This business was born out of a response to the increasingly invasive tactics that businesses use with our personal data and the persistence of bad actors who take advantage of that data. Unfortunately, we don't see either of these things going away in the near future. We, therefore, are doing our best to remove the threat from the consumer side, one person at a time. Please join with us in making the physical and digital world a safer place by protecting yourselves and your privacy.

We see taking care of your digital security as a parallel to purchasing insurance.

Insurance is worthwhile for many different situations. We purchase insurance to mitigate bad situations. Some of those bad situations are unlikely, but the cost of them happening, even if they are unlikely, can be quite high. Everyone who drives a car is (supposed to be) covered by automobile insurance. Even if you are a perfect driver and never speed, stop when the light is still yellow, and always check your blind spot before changing lanes, you can still get into an accident and find yourself in situations where you need insurance. Digital security is similar. You can do everything right, but still have your life disrupted because your personal information was easily available or your digital security was lax.

It could be someone from your past with whom you were previously associated doing something stupid or illegal that gets the media's attention. When they look for connections, they find you and come to your house even though you haven't talked to the person in years. It could be a business deal gone bad and someone is out to get you. It could just be bad luck and someone wants to make your life miserable.

The time to buy insurance is not when the storm hits, it is before. Don't procrastinate cleaning up your digital life. The longer you wait the more entrenched your information is online. The longer you are exposed. The more ingrained bad digital security habits become in your routine.

Here are a few of the things we hope to address:

Online scams are too prevalent.

Whether it's a variation of the Nigerian prince hard at work trying to give us money we don't deserve or someone pretending to be Amazon, Apple, or Verizon saying there is suspicious activity on our account and we need to verify our information with them, it is hard for the average person to stay ahead of the curve. We want to both take you off the scammers' radars and reduce their effectiveness. If they don't have your info they can't bother you, and if they aren't successful they move on to an easier target.

Some people are targets.

We need doctors, lawyers, dentists, police officers, teachers, and others who, because of the nature of their job, have a very public face. That is a part of the job. But it doesn't mean that a disgruntled individual should be able to track you down and harass or threaten you and your family. It shouldn't mean that scammers can look you up and figure out where you live and what assets you own. We can help clean up your digital footprint so you are safer and harder to mess with.


There are some ugly things in this world and stalking is one of those things. No one should have to fear their ex or anyone else tracking them down and messing with them. Let us help you cover up your tracks so you can stay away from unwanted individuals.

We are here to help. [contact]Contact us[/contact] if you have any questions!