Response to Investigative Report on OneRep by Krebs on Security


Response to Investigative Report on OneRep by Krebs on Security

In response to Krebs on Security's investigation of OneRep, MyDataRemoval reaffirms its commitment to transparency and integrity in personal data removal services. We will not compromise your trust. See the full response.


Our Commitment to Transparency and Integrity

In the wake of a damning investigative report published on March 14, 2024 by KrebsOnSecurity, the deceptive practices of OneRep within the personal data removal industry have come under scrutiny. The report unveils troubling connections that OneRep’s CEO founded dozens of search companies such as Nuwber, highly the operations that starkly contrast with its mission to protect personal privacy.

MyDataRemoval, as a leading advocate for personal data privacy, feels compelled to address these concerns and reiterate our unwavering commitment to ethical practices.

For years, MyDataRemoval has been a bulwark against the misuse of personal information, offering services designed to help individuals regain control over their personal data. The recent investigative findings echo some of the concerns we have long voiced internally and to our users, emphasizing the importance of transparency and integrity in our operations.

Unlike the practices unveiled in the recent report, MyDataRemoval maintains a strict policy against any form of partnership or cooperation that could compromise our mission or the trust our users place in us. Our foundation is built on the premise that effective data removal services must operate independently from data brokers, ensuring that our interests are always aligned with those of our users.

Our Practices and Policies

MyDataRemoval has never, and will never, engage in affiliations that undermine our commitment to data privacy. We believe that trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with our users, and we go to great lengths to safeguard that trust:

  • No Conflicts of Interest: We conduct thorough vetting of our operations to ensure there are no conflicts of interest, unlike what has been reported about others in our industry. Our commitment is to our users alone.
  • Transparent Operations: Our processes and practices are open for our users to see. We believe in the power of transparency to build and maintain trust. We publish our annual Transparency Report so that our customers and the public can know and trust that what we say is what we do.
  • Engagement with Data Brokers: Any engagement with data brokers is strictly limited to advocating for the removal of our users' information. We maintain a clear boundary to avoid any perception of impropriety.
  • Privacy Policy: Our privacy policy clearly states our stance against the selling or renting of personal information. We are not a data broker, and we do not entertain financial relationships with any data broker.

Looking Forward

The recent investigative report serves as a reminder of the vigilance required in the fight for data privacy. MyDataRemoval is committed to leading by example, constantly reviewing and enhancing our practices to ensure they meet the highest ethical standards. We recognize the importance of this moment to reassert our dedication to your privacy and to reinforce the trust you place in us.

Our team is here to address any concerns and to offer clarity on our practices. We welcome open dialogue with our community as we continue to navigate the complex landscape of data privacy together. Feel free to reach out to us at

In closing, we thank our users for their ongoing trust and support. MyDataRemoval remains dedicated to being a force for good in the data privacy realm, ensuring that our users' rights and privacy are always at the forefront of what we do.