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Everything You Need To Know About Proton: Proton VPN and ProtonMail

Unlock the full potential of Proton services with our comprehensive guide. Discover how ProtonMail and ProtonVPN enhance your privacy and security online.

By James Wilson

How secure is your online world? Nowadays, keeping your personal information private can feel like an uphill battle.

Enter Proton, a digital defender created by scientists at CERN who are just as worried about online privacy as you are. Proton offers a collection of tools tailored to protect every corner of your digital existence.

Ready for email that's like a vault and browsing that's as private as your diary? In this article, we can explore and learn how Proton makes staying safe online easy and super smart.

Short Background of Proton

Privacy Concerns at CERN: In the wake of Edward Snowden's revelations about global surveillance, a group of scientists at CERN began seeking ways to secure their communications.

Birth of ProtonMail: They developed ProtonMail, an open-source project at CERN, focusing on end-to-end encrypted email to protect users from surveillance.

Public Demand: Launching a crowdfunding campaign to support the project, they quickly met their funding goals, highlighting a strong public demand for privacy-focused solutions.

Expansion: Leveraging the initial success and funding, ProtonMail expanded into a suite of privacy and security tools, including ProtonVPN and Proton Drive.

Core Principle: All Proton services are built around the fundamental belief that privacy and security online are not just necessary but a right for everyone.

What Proton Offers

ProtonMail: The Secure Email Service


End-to-End Encryption: Every email sent through ProtonMail is encrypted from the moment it leaves your device until it's received by the intended recipient, who has the unique key to decrypt it. This ensures that no one in between, not even ProtonMail, can read your emails.

Privacy by Design: ProtonMail doesn't log personally identifiable information about its users, aligning with Swiss privacy laws, known for their strictness. Your email content and contacts remain confidential.

User-Friendly: Despite the sophisticated encryption technology, ProtonMail offers a clean, intuitive interface similar to mainstream email providers, making secure communication accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise.

Free to Use: ProtonMail provides a basic account free of charge, making privacy accessible to all. For users needing more storage or additional features, paid plans are available, supporting the service's ongoing development and privacy mission.

Proton VPN: Browsing Without Borders or Surveillance


Secure Core Architecture: ProtonVPN routes user traffic through multiple servers before leaving its network, adding an extra layer of security and making it even more challenging to trace online activities back to any user.

High-Speed Connections: Despite the additional security layers, ProtonVPN offers high-speed connections, making it practical for everyday use, from streaming videos to secure browsing.

Access Content Globally: By providing servers in multiple countries, ProtonVPN allows users to access geo-restricted content safely and privately, ensuring freedom of information.

No-Logs Policy: Aligning with ProtonMail's privacy commitment, ProtonVPN adheres to a strict no-logs policy, ensuring that users' browsing activities are not recorded, shared, or monitored.

Proton Calendar: Securely Manage Your Time


End-to-End Encryption: Proton Calendar secures your schedule by encrypting event details before they leave your device, ensuring only you have access to your plans.

Simple Sharing: Share your calendar with anyone, Proton user or not, while maintaining control over who sees your events.

Seamless Integration: Works in harmony with ProtonMail, offering a cohesive experience to manage your time and communication with utmost privacy.

Proton Drive: Private Cloud Storage


Zero-Access Encryption: Files stored on Proton Drive are encrypted in a way that not even Proton can access them, ensuring total privacy.

Easy Sharing: Share files securely with anyone, with the assurance that every transfer remains confidential and encrypted.

Access Anywhere: Retrieve your files from any device, knowing your data is protected end-to-end, from upload to download.

Proton Pass: Advanced Password Management


Vault Encryption: Proton Pass stores passwords and sensitive information in a vault that's encrypted, so only you can unlock it.

Cross-Platform Syncing: Access your passwords across devices securely, with all data encrypted in transit and at rest.

Generator & Autofill: Creates strong, unique passwords and autofills them, making secure login effortless.

Proton for Business: Enhanced Privacy for Organizations


Collaborative Security: Proton for Business offers businesses the tools to manage communication and data storage securely, with end-to-end encryption.

Admin Controls: Provides administrative capabilities to manage users, permissions, and security settings across your organization.

Reliability and Compliance: Ensures businesses meet compliance requirements with secure data handling and privacy protections.

Why Proton Stands Out?

Funded by People, Not Ads

Community-Driven: Proton's initial funding came from a crowdfunding campaign, reflecting its foundation on community support rather than investor mandates. This grassroots beginning ensures that Proton's primary commitment is to its users' needs and privacy, not to maximizing profit margins for external investors.

Subscription Model: ProtonMail and ProtonVPN operate on a freemium model, where basic services are free, and premium features are available through subscription plans. This approach allows Proton to sustain its operations and develop new features without resorting to selling ads or user data.

Transparency in Development: Being funded by its users encourages Proton to maintain high transparency levels about its operations, development plans, and how it uses funds. This openness fosters trust and assures users that their contributions directly support privacy and security enhancements.

Based in Switzerland for Stronger Privacy

Strict Privacy Laws: Switzerland is renowned for its stringent privacy laws, which offer strong protection for individual data rights. Proton's decision to base its operations in Switzerland isn't just a matter of convenience; it's a strategic choice that aligns with its core mission to provide secure and private digital communication tools.

Legal Protection: Swiss jurisdiction provides legal safeguards against undue data requests and surveillance. For Proton, this means they can offer a level of user protection that might not be feasible in countries with more invasive digital surveillance laws.

Trust and Credibility: Switzerland's reputation for neutrality and privacy adds an extra layer of credibility to Proton's services. Users looking for secure email and VPN services are often reassured by Proton's Swiss base, understanding that their data is subject to some of the most robust privacy protections in the world.

Why a Full Proton Suite?

Integrated Security Approach

Seamless Protection: Using the full suite of Proton services offers a unified security experience. For instance, ProtonMail’s encrypted email, combined with ProtonVPN's secure browsing, ensures both your communications and online activities are shielded from surveillance and threats. This integrated approach minimizes vulnerabilities that can arise when using disparate services from different providers.

Consistent User Experience: Proton designs its services with a similar user interface and experience in mind, making it easier for users to navigate and utilize each tool effectively. This consistency reduces the learning curve when adopting new Proton services, ensuring users can leverage the full suite's benefits without hassle.

Enhanced Privacy Features

Data Isolation: By using ProtonMail for email, ProtonVPN for browsing, and Proton Drive for storage, your data is compartmentalized within Proton's ecosystem, reducing the risk of cross-service tracking and data mining that can occur with mixed-service usage. This isolation strengthens privacy by limiting data exposure to a single, secure provider.

Unified Privacy Policy: Proton's services are governed by a single privacy policy that's designed with user privacy as its cornerstone. This ensures consistent privacy protection across emails, VPN connections, and file storage without the variances that might come from using services with differing policies and standards.

Streamlined Management

One Account for All Services: Proton allows users to access Mail, VPN, and Drive with a single account, streamlining account management and security. This simplifies processes like subscription management, password management, and security settings, making it easier to maintain high security across services.

Centralized Support: When you use multiple services from Proton, you benefit from a centralized support system knowledgeable about the entire Proton suite. This ensures efficient and informed assistance for any issue, whether it relates to email, VPN, or cloud storage.

Collaborative Security Enhancements

Feedback Loop: Using the full suite allows Proton to gather comprehensive feedback on its integrated security features, facilitating continuous improvements across the board. User experiences with one service can inform enhancements in another, driving a holistic improvement cycle that benefits all aspects of Proton’s offerings.

Cross-Service Innovation: Innovations in one service can quickly be adapted and implemented across others. For example, encryption technology advancements in ProtonMail can be leveraged to enhance the security of Proton Drive. This cross-pollination of features ensures that all Proton services remain at the cutting edge of privacy and security technology.

Proton's Open Approach

Commitment to Open Source

Transparency and Trust: Proton’s dedication to open-source software is foundational, offering an unprecedented level of transparency. By making the source code of its services like ProtonMail and ProtonVPN publicly available, Proton enables anyone to examine the software for security flaws or vulnerabilities, fostering trust among its user base and the wider tech community.

Community Collaboration: Open source is not just about transparency but also about collaboration. Proton encourages contributions from the global developer community, allowing for continuous improvement and innovation. This collaborative approach harnesses the collective expertise of developers worldwide, ensuring Proton’s services are not only secure but also cutting-edge.

Active Engagement with Users

Feedback-Driven Development: Proton places a high value on user feedback, integrating it into their development process. This user-first approach means that Proton’s updates and new features are often direct responses to community requests, ensuring the services evolve in ways that genuinely meet user needs.

Responsive Support Channels: Proton maintains active communication channels through social media, forums, and direct support. These platforms serve as vital feedback loops, where users can report issues, suggest improvements, or seek help. Proton’s responsive nature to user inquiries and problems underscores its commitment to not just listening but also acting on user feedback.

Open Standards Advocacy

Promoting Universal Standards: Proton doesn’t just use open standards; it actively contributes to their development. By participating in international standards bodies and working groups, Proton advocates for privacy and security standards that benefit the entire internet, not just Proton users. This leadership in promoting open standards demonstrates Proton’s broader commitment to an open, secure, and private web.

Interoperability Focus: By adhering to open standards, Proton ensures its services are compatible with a broad ecosystem of technologies. This focus on interoperability means users are not locked into Proton’s platform and can use its services alongside other open-standard-based tools, reinforcing the user’s freedom and flexibility in choosing their digital tools.

How to Start Using Proton Suite?

1. Go to the Proton Account signup page in a web browser on your computer.

2. In the Username box, enter the username you want to use for your free email address.

3. Choose which domain you would like to use for your address: @proton.me or @protonmail.com (@proton.me is selected by default).

4. In the Password box, enter a password at least eight characters long and type the password in again to confirm.

5. Click Create account.


6. Choose Continue with Free to create your free email account (or Mail Plus if you would like to get extra features and support our mission).


7. If you’re asked to confirm you’re human, tick the I am human box and follow the instructions. Or you can choose Email or SMS to verify you’re human that way.

8. Enter an optional display name. This is what people will see when you send them an email. Click Next.


9. Enter an optional email address or phone number that you can use to recover your account if you ever forget or lose your password.


10. Click Save selected or Maybe later, and you’re done!

Choose Proton Mail to go straight to your new secure email account. Or try the other privacy-by-default products that you also get free with your new Proton Account: Proton Calendar, Proton Drive, and Proton VPN.


Get started with your free encrypted email

When you first sign in to Proton Mail, you’ll see our Welcome message.


Click Next to customize the look of your Proton Mail.


Click Next to start using Proton Mail and Proton’s other privacy-by-default services.

Overcoming Challenges

Proton’s journey involves navigating through a landscape filled with technological limitations and evolving user needs. Here’s how Proton addresses and overcomes these challenges:

Technology Limitations

Encryption in an Unencrypted World: One of the biggest challenges Proton faces is integrating strong encryption into email, a service not originally designed with privacy at its core. To overcome this, ProtonMail uses advanced cryptographic techniques to offer end-to-end encryption while maintaining user-friendly access. This ensures that even users unfamiliar with encryption can benefit from secure communications.

Performance vs. Privacy: Balancing the high performance expected from digital tools with the additional requirements of privacy-focused features is a challenge. ProtonVPN, for example, implements Secure Core architecture to provide an extra layer of security, which could potentially affect speed. Proton overcomes this by optimizing server performance and using high-speed connections to ensure privacy doesn't come at the expense of usability.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Ensuring that Proton’s services work seamlessly across different devices and operating systems requires continuous adaptation and testing. Proton tackles this by developing native applications for major platforms and employing responsive web design for its services, ensuring a consistent and secure experience regardless of the user’s device.

Your Role: How User Feedback Shapes Proton

Direct Influence on Product Development

Feedback Channels: Proton actively encourages users to share their insights, concerns, and suggestions through various channels, including community forums, social media, direct support inquiries, and user surveys. These platforms serve not just as support mechanisms but as vital inputs for ongoing product development and refinement.

Feature Requests: User suggestions for new features or improvements play a critical role in shaping Proton's roadmap. When you propose a feature, it doesn't disappear into the void; it's assessed, discussed, and can often influence the priority of Proton’s development efforts. This process ensures that Proton's services evolve in a direction that meets the actual needs and desires of its user base.

Enhancing Security and Privacy

Vulnerability Reporting: Users who identify potential security vulnerabilities are encouraged to report these findings to Proton. This collaboration is crucial for maintaining the highest security standards. Proton often acknowledges and rewards users who contribute to its security posture through bug bounty programs, emphasizing the value placed on community-driven security enhancements.

Privacy Advocacy Feedback: User experiences and concerns also guide Proton's privacy advocacy efforts. By sharing how you use Proton's services and what privacy challenges you face, you help Proton better understand the broader privacy landscape. This insight informs not only product development but also Proton's participation in policy discussions and its efforts to shape global privacy standards.

Improving User Experience

Usability Insights: Your feedback on the usability and accessibility of Proton’s services helps identify areas for improvement. Whether it's the user interface, the setup process, or the clarity of instructions, your input helps make Proton more user-friendly for everyone.

Case Studies and Testimonials: Sharing how Proton has impacted your personal or professional life provides tangible examples of its value. These stories can inspire new features, highlight areas for expansion, and demonstrate the real-world benefits of Proton's privacy-first approach.

Building a Privacy-Focused Community

Community Engagement: Beyond product feedback, your participation in Proton's community—through discussions, sharing knowledge, and supporting other users—helps foster a stronger culture of privacy. This community-driven support and education amplify Proton's impact, spreading awareness and understanding of privacy issues to a broader audience.

Advocacy and Education: By advocating for privacy and educating others about the importance of secure communications, you help reinforce the demand for products like Proton's. This broader societal shift towards valuing privacy strengthens Proton's mission and its ability to push for change both within and outside the digital realm.


Walking through the tricky world of staying safe and private online can feel overwhelming, but Proton's variety of options make it clearer. Starting with the Proton Free version, users gain access to fundamental privacy tools, including a free VPN service and encrypted email, embodying Proton's commitment to secure and private digital communication.

For those delving deeper, Proton VPN Plus and Proton Mail Plus elevate your online experience by offering premium features designed for anyone from a user concerned about privacy to a busy professional demanding the highest levels of security and reliability.

In the end, whether you're an occasional privacy seeker or a professional navigating the web without compromise, Proton's premium services, from the encrypted email of Proton Mail’s Plus plans to the high-quality, secure browsing experience of Proton VPN, offer a pathway to a more secure digital life. And for those who have experienced the unparalleled security and privacy that using Proton provides, the invitation to "try Proton VPN" or consider upgrading within 30 days is more than just an offer—it's a step towards supporting a global movement for a better internet.