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Exciting Business Updates from MyDataRemoval for 2024

2024 business updates: new director of sales and marketing, more covered sites, and goals for 2024 - website updates, improved address scan, and phone scan.

By James Wilson

Hello MyDataRemoval Community! We are thrilled to share some exciting news and updates as we continue to grow and enhance our services. Our commitment to protecting your privacy and personal data remains our top priority, and we're making strides to ensure we're always offering the best to our clients. Here's what's new and upcoming at MyDataRemoval:

1. Welcome Michael Ibekie, Our New Director of Sales and Marketing

We're delighted to welcome Michael Ibekie to the MyDataRemoval family as our new Director of Sales and Marketing. Michael brings a wealth of experience and expertise from his time at Samsung, where he excelled as a Product Manager for a cutting-edge cloud-based Identity and Access Management product. His insights and leadership will be invaluable in driving our business growth and enhancing our service offerings. Welcome aboard, Michael!

2. Expanded Coverage: Now Removing Data from 140 Broker Sites!

Big news for those concerned about their online data privacy! We've expanded our capabilities and now offer removal services from an impressive 140 data broker sites. This milestone means we're better equipped than ever to help safeguard your personal information and provide peace of mind in the digital age.

3. Setting Our Sights Higher: Our 2024 Goals

Looking ahead, we've set some ambitious but achievable goals for 2024. Here's what we're working towards:

Expanding Data Site Coverage: We're not stopping at 140! Our goal is to increase our data site removal coverage to 200 broker sites, providing even more comprehensive protection for our clients.

Website Revamp: We're updating our website to enhance user experience, making it more user-friendly and informative.

Improved Free Scans: We understand the importance of thorough scanning. That's why we're improving our free scans to yield more comprehensive results.

New Phone Number Scan Feature: In response to your feedback, we're introducing a new feature – phone number scans. This will allow you to run scans using just a phone number, making our services even more accessible and convenient.

These goals and updates are all part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the best in personal data protection and privacy services. We're excited about these changes and believe they will significantly enhance our ability to serve you better.

As always, we're here to assist you in navigating the complexities of data privacy. If you have any questions about our new features or feedback on how we can improve, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Improved Free Scans: We understand the importance of thorough scanning. That's why we're improving our free scans to yield more comprehensive results.

Thank you for your continued trust and support in MyDataRemoval. Here's to a successful and privacy-focused 2024!

Stay Safe and Private,

The MyDataRemoval Team