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Efani is the mobile provider that prioritizes your security and privacy.

Efani is a US-based mobile service provider, similar to Verizon or AT&T. They offer unlimited text, talk, and data (they lease some of Verizon’s network) and even have a great international roaming set up, as well as spectacular (award-winning) customer service. But what really sets Efani apart is their security and privacy practices. We would not have them as a partner if they just had great customer service.

Military-grade technology to protect you

Efani has military-grade technology in place to protect you, and they have a special emphasis on preventing SIM-swapping.

As technology advances, so do the opportunities for cyber criminals to take advantage of you. The founders of Efani experienced this firsthand when they themselves became victims of cyber fraud. After that experience and the subsequence research they conducted, they realized how common sim card fraud is in the US and how little the standard cell phone providers were doing to protect against it.

And so, Efani was created to ensure others didn’t have to go through the emotional and financial pain associated with being a victim of fraud.

The most secure mobile provider in the US

Currently, Efani is the only secure phone provider in the US. To date, no Efani user has ever been SIM-swapped, and as a result, Efani offers cybersecurity insurance worth $5 million. This means users are covered if money is stolen from online accounts as a result of SIM-hacking.

Efani is serious about your security and privacy

They take your security and privacy seriously. Unlike Verizon, T-Mobile or any other mobile provider, they aren’t selling your data to make a few extra bucks.

When you use Efani, you can rest assured that your phone (and everything you do on your phone) is secured and protected against cyber criminals.

Take a look at Efani and see if their mobile service would be right for you. You can check out how it works and even try it risk free.